Trinity Worship Center & Church
Fellowship is a religious corporation, founded
by Pastor Derwin Baker Sr. Our Inaugural
service was held May 14, 2006. Since our May
14 beginning the Church has grown to a
membership of 237 under Pastor Baker’s
leadership, and sponsors various events,
fellowships and support groups which meet
regularly at the location. The various
“ministries of helps” outreach ministries
include: Daughter’s of the King Woman’s
ministry, The Men of the House Men’s
fellowship ministry, Keeping it Real ministry
for unmarried adults, Married Adults
Fellowship Ministries, Teens ministry, Pre-
Teens ministry, Children’s Church ministry,
Nursery ministry, Trinity Trailblazer Fitness
ministry, Trinity Trailblazer League Bowlers
ministry and Operation Christmas Blessing.
Pastor Baker began full-time ministry
in June 2002.

The goal of Trinity Worship Center is
to “Create Christians of Christ-like Character”.

Minister Beverly S. Baker is a mighty woman of God with a passion for His people.  Minister Beverly believes in teaching the truth of God's Word and helping inspire people to adopt the word of God and walk it out daily.  In her own cheerful way, Minister Beverly encourages Christians to be doers and not
just hearers of God's Kingdom principles to reach their destiny in Christ. 

Since 1990, Minister Beverly has served alongside her husband, Pastor Derwin, in ministry.  She graduated from the Full Counsel School of Ministry in May 2005.  Her journey has taken all types of forms including overseeing children's and outreach ministries.  She is also a psalmist and enjoys
celebrating the Lord through song.  In 2006, she and her husband founded Trinity Worship Center and Church Fellowship in Conway, Arkansas.  That same year, she founded the Daughters of the King Ministry to enlighten women on their value and purpose in the Kingdom of God.  She has a heart full of mercy and compassion tuned to service.

Minister Beverly Baker was born in Marianna, AR.  She and her husband have been married for 41 years and reside in Greenbrier, Arkansas. 

Derwin Baker, Sr. was licensed and ordained a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ December 1, 1991 and has over 20 years of full time ministry experience in local church ministry. He has served as a full time
Associate Staff Minister of a thriving congregation for 16 years, fulfilling many ministerial roles.

Pastor Baker is a 1989 graduate of Agape School of Ministry and World Evangelism, Pastor Happy Caldwell, Chief Director.

In August 1977, Derwin married his wife Beverly who now serves at his side in ministry.

They have 3 children: Derwin Jr. Christopher, and Jessica. In 2005 Pastor Baker was given a vision of the Lord and was commanded, “Build Me A Glorious Church,” and on the authority of that Word, May 12, 2006 Trinity Worship Center and Church Fellowship was founded.

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